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Ki Longfellow-Stanshall

Born on Staten Island, New York, to a French-Irish mother and an Iroquois father, Ki grew up in Hawaii and Marin County, California, but ended up living in France and England for many years. She is the widow of a British national treasure, the complete artist Vivian Stanshall.

In England, she created and sailed the Thekla, a 180 foot Baltic Trader, to the port of Bristol where it became the Old Profanity Showboat. It remains there today as a Bristol landmark. On it, she and Vivian wrote and staged a unique musical for the sheer joy of it. "Stinkfoot, a Comic Opera", garnered a host of delighted, if slightly puzzled, national reviews.

Out of work after walking away from the Old Pro, she became a terrified novelist published by most of the large houses, her books optioned by a score of wonderful Hollywood dreamers.

Lying in bed with Vivian on one long London night, he made her promise that one day she would write a book about him. Fiction, nonfiction, he wasn't bothered. But he wanted her truth. He expected to read it. It became his habit to ask how "his" book was coming along. Ki's answer was always the same. "One day, Vivian. I'll try. I promise."

Vivian's book wasn't written during his lifetime. It wasn't written until he'd been gone for two decades. But Ki kept her word. In "The Illustrated Vivian Stanshall: a Fairytale of Grimm Art" she's written her "truth" about the miraculous Vivian Stanshall.

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