Praise for Vivian

'Tales and memories may sometimes fade, yet the Perfume of his being remains as intense as ever. I inhale that scent, enjoy the feeling of a treasured friend and fragile genius and sadly smile. I am a lucky boy!'

   —Danny Thompson, Pentangle

'If the man had had any discipline at all, he could have been one of the great geniuses'.

—Trevor Howard, actor

'He was a one-off. He found the route that brought together elements of intellectual with rock'n'roll and comedy and poetry... it was just a unique combination. He couldn't possibly create a niche or an art form because no-one else was clever enough to do it'.

—Steve Winwood, Traffic, Blind Faith

'Vivian is not to the common taste. There will probably only always be just so many and no more'.

—Arthur Brown, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

'The importance of the Bonzos and of Vivian was that they were a wedge of sanity into all this rock 'n roll ridiculousness'.

—Dave Davies, The Kinks

'He was a real mate. I never met anyone else like him. Not anywhere'.

—Joe Cocker

'He was growing. Those who think him past it with the end of the Bonzos and his drinking are idiots. What he was past was being fucking funny and lightweight'.

—Silky Longfellow-Stanshall

'He was a dear man. Really. A classic alcoholic and addict. We are all angels beneath the skin'.

—Pete Townsend, the Who

'I had this idea... all the instruments were coming in one by one... perhaps we could get Viv Stanshall to introduce them. He said OK. I couldn't believe my luck! It was like a playwright getting somebody like Anthony Hopkins to be in their first play! ...Virgin couldn't believe it. I'd got Viv Stanshall on Tubular Bells!'

—Mike Oldfield

'Vivian Stanshall was hilarious, but I didn't know what to do with him'.

—Toyah Willcox, singer, actress, briefly a talk show host

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